Job Opportunity

We are looking for motivated graduate students and postdocs interested in the neural mechanisms of voluntary motor control. Members will carry out their research by combining a variety of scientific methods, including electrophysiological experiments using NHPs, behavioural analysis using KINARM, and computational and neural network modelling.
*Please click here for the application for the Graduate School of Brain Sciences, Tamagawa University.
*For international students, applying for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship is recommended. Please click here for more information.
*For a funded PhD (創発RA), please click here for more information.

Brain Science Institute of Tamagawa University is one of the leading research institutes specializing in brain sciences. It brings together research groups from a wide range of disciplines, including Neurophysiology, Computational Science, Psychology, Social Science, Philosophy, and Robotics. Active interactions between research groups enable students and researchers to broaden their knowledge and experiences. The institute is located in the suburbs of Tokyo with convenient access to the city center.