Laboratory for
Nerural control of Movement

Systems Neuroscience Center, Brain Science Institute
Tamagawa University

About us

Welcome to our website! Our goal is to understand the neural mechanisms for skillful motor control and motor impairments. To this goal, we integrate multidisciplinary approaches, including i) neurophysiological and behavioural experiments, ii) computational modelling, and iii) neural network modelling. By combining these approaches, we seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of the hardware, algorithms, and computation of motor control and motor disorders. We look forward to the involvement of researchers and students from a variety of disciplines in our research!

News & Topics

Our research program has been accepted as a part of the Brain/Mind 2.0 program.  We're developing a computational and physiological platform to examine neural mechanisms of motor disorders. We will be hiring Post-docs for both computational and physiological experiments. Please contact us if you are interested.

Tomohiko briefly stayed in Kyoto to join an interdisciplinary event by the JST FOREST program. 

Dr. Kentaro Miyamoto of the RIKEN Brain Science Institute visited us for the Tamagawa Brain Science Lecture. We had many fruitful discussions on meta-cognition and motor control. Thank you, Dr. Miyamoto!

Hayato, a collaborator from Ruten Inc, officially joined our lab as a research fellow. We look forward to doing some cool science! 

The Tamagawa Brain Science Training Course has now finished! My course included lectures and hands-on practice on recording and analyzing the 3Bs (Brain, Body and Behaviour). Thank you to all the participants.  

A textbook for neuroscience courses is published

We have written a new neuroscience textbook based on our lectures at Tamagawa University. It is written for those who are newly learning neuroscience but is also suitable for students majoring in other subjects and interested in neuroscience. Please check it out!  (2024.3.23) 

Our lab was featured by the Japanese Society of Motor Control (JSMC)!

We were interviewed by the Japanese Society for Motor Control (link). (2022.2.19) 

 Looking for Graduate Students!

We are looking for motivated graduate students (master/doctor course) who are interested in studying  the neural mechanisms of voluntary motor control by using electrophysiological and compubational approaches.
Admission information is here:

 Appointed Associate Editor of Neuroscience Research

Tomohiko has been appointed Associate Editor of Neuroscience Research (2023.01.01)

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Presentation at Hyper-Adaptability Meeting at Hiroshima

Masaoka and Takei had a presentation on "Neural dynamics of macaque ECoG signals during adaptive feedback motor control". Had good discussions (2024.3.2) 

Tamgawa Brain Science Workshop 2023

All members of our insitute get together to had a 3 days retreat in Odawara. We enjoyed in-deep discussions, good food, and hot sping! Was so much fun!! (2024.2.29) 

Invited talk at Workshop on Swallowing Simulation

Dr. Takei give a special lecture on "Neural mechanisms for hand muscle synergies and beyond" at the 9th Workshop on Swallowing Simulation on Dec 9, 2023 (2023.12.7)

Akihiro joined our laboratory

Mr. Masaoka, who was a part-time researcher, has joined our laboratory as a full-time research fellow. We look forward to continuing to work with you!  (2023.10.1)

Tamagawa Brain Science Institute Special Lecture by Dr. Barbara Feulner

We will have a special lecture by Dr. Feulner Aug 7, 2023 at Human Brain Science Hall, Tamagawa University. You can join us via Zoom as well (please register by August 6th). (2023.8.3)
Date&time: August 7, 2023. 15:00-16:30 (in Japan)
Speaker: Barbara Feulner, Ph.D.
Lecture title: Sensory feedback can drive adaptation in motor cortex and facilitate generalization

Article published in Clinical Neuroscience 

Our review article on "Neural mechanisms for overcoming sensorimotor delay" [in Japanese] has been published in Clinical Neuroscience Vol 41. (2023.8.3)

Presented at Japanese Neuroscience Society

Takei presented "Neural dynamics for adaptive feedback motor control" at the symposium "New Horizons of Hyper-adaptability" at the 46th meeting of the Japan Neuroscience society in Sendai, Japan. (2023.8.1)

Presentation at JNS

Takei presented "Neural dynamics for adaptive feedback motor control" at the symposium "New Horizons of Hyper-adaptability" at the 46th meeting of the Japan Neuroscience society in Sendai, Japan. (2023.8.1)

Awarded the "Brain Science Foundation" Research Grant

Takei was awarded the "Brain Science Foundation" Research Grant for his research project on "Neural mechanisms for the predictive motor control"  (2023.3.23)

Call for applications for "Tamagawa Brain Science Training Course 2023"

Applications are now open for the Tamagawa Brain Science Training Course 2023 (June 22-24 at the Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Japan). There are courses for rodent, non-human primate, human fMRI, developmental, and social neuroscience courses. All will be held in person. Application will be closed on April 28th. We look forward to your applications. (2023.3.23)

Presented at the 8th CiNet Conference

Takei joined and presented our research on "Neural dynamics of motor cortex for flexible feedback motor control" at the 8th CiNet conference "Beyond Motor Control: Bridging the gap between action and perception" which was organized by Dr. Hagura at CiNet. It was so inspiring and exciting meeting with excellent researchers. (2023.03.14)





玉川脳研特別講演会(第7回)Brain Knutson先生

講演者 Brian Knutson, Ph.D. Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience, Stanford University
講演タイトル Promise and puzzles of neuroforecasting


玉川大学 中高生脳科学教室2022を11月6日(日) に開催します。私の研究室も「F.脳を読み取り脳を活かす―生体信号を使ってロボットを動かしてみようー」というテーマで参加します。興味のある中高生の方は奮ってご参加くださいまたお知り合いで脳科学に興味のある中高生がいらっしゃいましたら是非ご周知いただけるとありがたいです。(2022.10.18掲載)

第16回Motor Control研究会(MC16)を無事に閉会しました



講演者 吉田純一先生 アルバートアインシュタイン医科大学 ポストドクトラルフェロー
講演タイトル 小脳の報酬情報とドーパミンニューロンにおける報酬予測誤差の計算




Dr. Takeoka (KU Leuven), Dr. Azim (Salk Institute), Dr. Yifat (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)とともにNEURO2022でシンポジウム"Sensorimotor integration for dexterous forelimb motor control"を行います(2022年6月30日(木)16:10-18:10、沖縄コンベンションセンター)。巧緻な運動の神経制御メカニズムに関して、様々な手法を用いた最新の研究内容をお話いただきますので是非お楽しみにしてください!(2022.04.02掲載)






玉川大学脳科学トレーニングコース2022(6/9-11 玉川大学脳科学研究所)が無事に終了しました。3日間と短期間でありながら、実験計画、データ取得、解析まで一通りの実験サイクルを経験してもらえたと思います。特に今年度から「行動解析のための神経・筋活動解析」と「脳情報デコーディング」という項目を追加し、実際に目の前で記録したデータから運動意図をデコードすることに挑戦してもらいました。応募者多数のため選考することになり、参加できなかった方大変申し訳ございませんでした。来年も開催できると思いますので、是非ご参加下さい。(2022.6.16)


玉川大学脳科学トレーニングコース2022(6/9-11 玉川大学脳科学研究所)の募集を開始しました。少人数の実習を含む対面で実施します。締め切りは5月末日です。応募多数の場合は文章による選抜を行います。研究所で行っている基礎的な手法が学べるチャンスです。研究室ツアーも行います。是非ご応募下さい。(2022.5.13)


筑波大学の井澤淳先生と執筆した総説「確率論的最適フィードバック制御の脳内機構」が「計測と制御」 2022年61巻4号に掲載されました(Publications)。生体運動制御研究の歴史から、OFCモデルに関する行動実験と神経生理学的基盤、さらには「ポストOFC」の展望までを網羅した総説になっております。是非、ご一読ください!(2022.4.19掲載) 

第16回Motor Control研究会(MC16)を開催します

第16回Motor Control研究会(2022年8月25−27日、早稲田大学国際会議場)の大会長を務めさせていただきます。4月中に公募シンポジウムの募集を開始、6月頃に一般演題募集と参加登録を開始予定ですので、奮ってご参加下さい(2022.04.02掲載) 



筋シナジーのニューラルネットワークモデルに関する研究成果がFrontiers in Systems Neuroscienceに掲載されました




共同研究成果がFrontiers in Systems Neuroscienceに掲載されました

霊長類が行う複雑なつまみ動作中の手指の筋活動を精密な筋骨格モデルによって推定した共同研究成果がFrontiers in Systems Neuroscienceに掲載されました。(2021.11.13掲載)

「次世代脳」プロジェクト 冬のシンポジウム2021(2021/12/15-19)にて講演します 

「次世代脳」プロジェクト 冬のシンポジウム2021の「脳情報動態・時間生成学・超適応 ― 若手研究者合同シンポジウム ー」にて講演します。他にも興味深い発表ばかりですので興味のある方は是非ご参加下さい(2021.11.11掲載)