We are looking for motivated graduate students (master course/doctoral course/research students) interested in the neural mechanisms of motor control. In our laboratory, students can learn interdisciplinary techniques for motor control research, such as electrophysiological studies with non-human primates, behavioural analysis using KINARM, simulation of motor control and motor disorders based on control theory, and modelling using artificial neural networks. Each student combines several of these techniques in an experimental and theoretical project. Our motto is to produce researchers, medical professionals, who can integrate theoretical thinking and empirical attitudes.

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Brain Science Institute of Tamagawa University is one of the leading research institutes in Japan specializing in brain science, bringing together researchers in a wide range of fields from neurophysiology, computational science, psychology, social science, philosophy, and robotics. Inter-laboratory exchanges, study groups, and seminars are actively held, allowing students and junior researchers to broaden their knowledge and experiences. It is located in the Tokyo area and is easy to access in the center of Tokyo.

◎ 玉川大学脳科学研究所

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